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Check me out on Twitter if you are interested in following my journey! featured my research on how the social environment affects physical and behavioural

development of Tree Skinks.

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First Ascent interviewed me about my research on South African lizards, and the outdoor gear I use to make that research successful.

Check out the interview here!

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I was interviewed by Jacinta Parsons on ABC Saturday Breakfasts about the relationship between social environment and learning in Tree Skinks.

My photo of a family of Cunningham's skinks was featured on the March 2018 cover of Herpetological Review!



Liv Monck-Whipp, the artist behind the comic Tails from the Field, visualised our note about dunging behaviour in Crab-Eating Frogs. Check out her amazing sci-art!


My colleagues and my research was featured on the cover of Conservation Science and Practice!


We hope this research contributes to the conservation of Southern Corroboree Frogs, and other colourful animals around the world!

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I chatted with Marc Fennell on ABC Mornings about my research on Tree Skink behavioural development.


I took part in Franz Anthony's art initiative, The Circles of Life, by chatting about my research program and he featured one of my favourite turtles!

Check out my interview here!

In 2020 the Australasian Society for the Study of Animal Behaviour hosted an online conference and I was an invited plenary at the event.

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James O'Hanlon interviewed me in this In Situ Science podcast: we chat about our thoughts on many different scientific topics, my PhD research, and other shenanigans. A special guest appearance is made by post-dog Dr. Dundee.

You can read about my research on how roads might affect pollinating insects on CBC News Sudbury or in this article by Canadian Geographic.

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You can read about research on Tree Skink learning at on or in this interview by Dr Martin Whiting for Animal Cognition.

You can read about my reptile road ecology research in Pique News Magazine and CBC News Sudbury


My research on overwintering strategies of Painted Turtles was featured on the cover of The Journal of Experimental Biology!

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In Situ Science put together an amazing mini-documentary about Tree Skinks & my project in Albury, New South Wales, Australia.


Our recent natural history note about day geckos being active around lights at night was an invited feature on the Losos Lab's blog - Anole Annals!

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