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  • Julia Riley

Sociality of Reptiles and Amphibians: WCH9 Symposium Edition

This January I attended the 9th World Congress of Herpetology (WCH9), and on the last day the symposium on “Sociality in Amphibians and Reptiles” was held. There were so many great talks from experts in the field about exciting research, new and old!

It was a joy to lead this symposium in person at the conference on behalf of myself and my co-organisers. It was a shame my co-organisers couldn’t attend. Please make sure to check out their amazing research!

My amazing co-organisers for the “Sociality in Amphibians and Reptiles” at WCH9: Melissa Amarello, Dr Christina Davy, and Dr Eva Ringler

There were so many great talks, and three before the symposium that talked about some amazing work on sociality in reptiles! Scroll through the slides below(hover over the picture to see the caption) for a brief summary of the amazing research presented before and at the symposium!

I so enjoyed hearing about all this research, and it was such a privilege to be able to attend WCH9 and lead this symposium in person. I cannot wait to hear was everyone is up to in 4 years time!!!

Symposium attendees meeting and greeting after talks were done for the day. Great to have time to chat with everybody!

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